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Collecting, managing and segmenting your subscribers is a snap with AWeber.

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Build your forms

Forms play a key part in building your subscriber list. With our sign-up form builder, you can have a form on your website in minutes. Choose from hundreds of HTML email templates and publish to your website in one step. It's that easy.

Track your subscribers

We simplify analytics with straightforward graphs that show you who opened your messages, which links they click, how much revenue they generated, how many people unsubscribed and more.

Segment Your Email Newsletters

Segment your list

Create subscriber segments to best fit your readers’ needs — and increase your profitability! You can segment by open rates, click-through rates, details they provided at sign-up, geographic location and more.

Move your list to AWeber

Switching from another email service provider? Our import specialists provide free, personal assistance with migrating and can answer any questions you may have.

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